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One design feature of TTS trax is its speed. Nothing is more tiring than working with an ISMS tool that you always have to wait for. That is why trax uses state-of-the-art web technologies and frameworks to achieve the shortest possible response times.

Of course, this starts with the design of the processes that are to be supported by the GUI, making sure that today you can complete the vast majority of tasks quickly with just a few clicks.


Repetitive routine tasks are tedious and should ideally be done by the ISMS tool.  Here trax offers a lot of functions that simplify the work and leave time for the important things in life or work. Take a look at the following examples:

  • Anticipatory completion of damage potential values that your experts consider useful.
  • Automated risk analyses as a basis for your risk assessments
  • Generation of the Statement of Applicability
  • Automated mapping of risks to measures in the risk treatment plan

As you can see from the examples, these are not just simple syntactical elements, such as filling in drop-downs, but trax learns from content you have entered and optimises the further procedure accordingly. Nevertheless, the process remains transparent and you can override the suggestions at any time.


Intuitive use is certainly something that every manufacturer of a product would like to achieve. In our understanding, “intuitive use” is not a state, but a process. With the TTS development team, the continuous improvement process is not only practised, but it is an essential part of the work. [Ich finde die de-Version hier antiklimaktisch: etwas zu leben scheint mir größer, als so zu arbeiten, daher die Abweichung] We are constantly working on improving the GUI to make using trax as intuitive as possible.

The Corona period in particular was used to implement a number of small improvements in detail, intended to make work even easier for you, our customers, including [more] responsive web design. And the great thing for you is that it wont cost you an extra cent!


Many tools on the market have the disadvantage that they need a high degree of customising before they fit your processes perfectly. With TTS trax, a large number of settings can be made easily via corresponding dialogues. And it’s so easy that you don’t need any support from us to do it.

Through our many years of consulting activities, we know which procedures are mostly the same for our customers and where parametrisation is indispensable and / or desirable. For example, criteria for risk assessment can be individually configured, threat and measure catalogues can be customised and managed, reports and views can be adapted. These are just a few examples of the wide range of customisation options.

Current Risk exposure – always up-to-date

One weakness many tools for risk management or for the operation of management systems share is that they only offer capabilities to identify risks, assess them and assign measures, but then often fail to close the control loop or PDCA cycle. In contrast, the distinction between initial, actual and target risks is an integral part of TTS trax.

In the trax dashboard, you can see the current risk exposure at any time, i.e. the current liability risks, and from there you can descend to detailed views at any time. This distinction is also consistently maintained in other views, such as the risk register. Here you can filter or sort according to initial, actual or target risks.

TTS trax – The smart tool for an efficient ISMS