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TTS trax – The smart tool for an efficient ISMS

From our many years of consulting experience, we know that an ISMS tool should not only support common processes, but should also create added value. TTS trax combines the functionality needed to achieve this with a high level of usability.

  • Intuitive → In TTS trax, every function is where you expect it to be.
  • Fast → TTS trax combines state-of-the-art technologies to create a unique experience of speed
  • Automated → TTS trax is equipped with a wide range of automated functions that drastically reduce the effort required
  • Customized → In TTS trax you can configure all settings via the GUI and it is so easy that you do not need support
  • Up to date → TTS trax provides you with an overview of the current liability risks at any time

trax features

Asset Inventory

With asset inventory, you capture and network your own model of information processing. Business processes, information assets and company assets are intelligently linked to form the basis for analysis, measures and reporting of the various disciplines.

Risk management

Risk management involves identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks to your business success. This requires an active management of risks and corresponding measures.

Measure Tracking

Measures for risk treatment can be defined and their implementation status tracked in measure tracking. Measures are bundled into tasks and delegated to task owners via forms and workflows.

Compliance Management

With the compliance module, TTS trax supports you in assessing compliance with external and internal specifications in departments, locations or with service providers through a framework of questionnaires with connected form functions.

Continuous Improvement Process

To manage the continuous improvement process, all suggestions for improvement are recorded, evaluated, and measures for their implementation assigned. Providing you with an overview of how your management system is developing at all times.

Key Performance Indicator

Create KPIs, record corresponding measurement series and evaluate them. Using clear, descriptive graphics, you can convince even your management.

Forms and workflows

TTS trax offers forms and workflows to support you with the collection, processing and evaluation of ISMS relevant information. Employees/collaborators can take on tasks in your ISMS without needing to have direct access to trax.

Data Protection Management

The information processing model is refined to include data protection procedures, data protection requirements are recorded, and data protection measures are comprehensively documented.

Business Continuity Management

The BCM module assists you in analysing the impact of emergency scenarios on business processes, helping you to develop an organised response to emergencies, thereby ensuring business continuity.

Deployment Options and Licensing

Learn more about current deployment options, the scope of the basic version, and expansion options in TTS trax.


Thanks to its postboxes, TTS trax fits perfectly into any company. Avoid the unnecessary effort of multiple data maintenance in different systems and optimize your workflows.

trax solutions

Are you an operator of a critical infrastructure and must regularly prove that you have implemented measures according to the current state of the art? Find out how TTS trax can help you with the management of measures.

TTS trax supports you in setting up and operating your ISMS. Manage and maintain your business processes, information assets to be protected and supporting assets with ease. Performing protection needs analysis, risk assessment and risk treatment measures – with TTS trax you are always up to date.

You want to manage risks and measures throughout the various project phases or sprints? With TTS trax, the risks of your digitalisation strategy become transparent and comprehensible, and a decision about a go-live is supported in the best possible way.

You need to successfully protect yourself against cyber attacks or accidental data loss? A sensible risk analysis helps. Turn the mandatory task of risk management into real added value for your company with TTS trax.

You want to perform the data protection impact assessment using the same methodology as the risk assessment in the ISMS, including all data protection-specific threats and measures, and list all data protection-relevant processes in the list of processing activities?

Are you an operator of a Critical Infrastructure? Do you have to periodically demonstrate that you have implemented state-of-the-art measures? Find out here how TTS trax can help you with measures control.

Do you want to conduct internal audits, contractor and service provider audits, information security assessments and project audits, etc. by configuring questionnaire templates and creating questionnaires which you can then distribute to the target group via trax’s integrated forms system?

trax Service

Here you will find news about TTS trax. Up-to-date information on new releases, webinars and events.

Find more information about TTS trax here. Take a look at our webinar “Risikomangement – von der lästigen Pflicht zum echten Mehrwert ” (German) for example.

Trusted Technologies and Solutions GmbH

TTS GmbH has been advising KRITIS operators, Dax companies and SMEs in the fields of information/IT security, BCM and data protection since 2002.

TTS trax is successfully used by a large number of customers. Read about the positive experience they have had with TTS trax (e.g. Vibracustic AG).

We are regularly looking for smart minds for the development of trax.

Take a look at our current job openings.

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