TTS trax Release 3.2.0 presentation

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On 08 December 2021, we virtually showcased our TTS trax release v3.2.0 – and were delighted to welcome 40 users and administrators.

After the opening, participants were shown the new features of the TTS trax release v3.2.0. For example, it is now possible to save current filter and keyword selections, which can be accessed via the filter menu. Furthermore, the form notifications now can be customised.

The improved SoA module and its new filter function make it easier, for example, to identify controls that are still unprocessed – and to record all changes to the control catalogues in the application area. Another new feature is that trax creates directories of processing activities for selected areas of application.

In addition, thanks to the release v3.2.0, procedural aspects can be used to record Must Lists in accordance with Art. Article 35 of the German Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO), during the data protection impact evaluation check.

Following the functional innovations of the release, the second main thematic focus was on information security in projects. It was illustrated how projects, as well as the changes they have caused, can be successfully carried out with trax- in accordance with company-specific and external specifications for information security.

This was followed by an outlook on the upgraded Compliance Management module as well as the innovations and requirements for users arising from the new ISO 27002. The participants learned how TTS, using the new features, supports them in fulfilling and complying with the new regulations.

Thanks to the user feedback on the new features in the concluding discussion, we will be able to continue to optimise trax according to their user requirements in the future. In addition, the positive feedback from the participants during the final discussion regarding the event in general confirmed that we should continue to regularly present our trax releases like this.